Document Digitization

Document Digitization

Digitizing the information contained in paper documents is the first essential step in a digital renewal process. Without it, continuity between an organization’s past and future can be compromised and its historic memory lost.

Digital archiving is the technical process by which a paper original is converted into electronic format and indexed. This creates a digital archive that can be used for various operations, from simple searches for metadata to full-text searches, from management control to Big Data input and integration with computer systems.

CSA’s excellent teams of archivists and computer technicians can provide a digitization service for any manufacturing facility, whether public or private.

CSA’s optical imaging activities are backed by the best devices on the market and by our Quality control team’s verification and validation procedure. Once images have been generated, they are indexed according to the protocol defined with the client. Last, the digitized documents are input into the SDM digital archive, our web-based software for mass digital archive management and consultation. The digital archive files can be updated with all new documentation. All digitized information can be found using OCR and ICR engines developed by CSA.

Our Document Digitization activities include:


We prepare all documents, opening subfiles and folded pages, removing staples with adhesive strips and ordering them according to the agreed protocol


We scan the documents using high-quality beam scanners, with image correction and calibration and quality control of the scanned document


We create index files and metadata schemes, OCR engines for data extrapolation and full-text searches


Management software


  • Information is immediately available and easy to consult in digitized documents
  • Data is kept confidential and secure
  • Document consultation time is drastically reduced
  • Human resources can be assigned to other tasks
  • Costs of sending paper copies are reduced
  • Reduced environmental impact
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