Tabula Cloud

The first integrated platform for electronic invoicing and document management


Tabula Cloud is the ideal solution for managing the entire electronic invoicing process. Its integrated document management system archives, organizes and shares files and documents with no software to be downloaded. Perfect for accountants, organizations, professional associations, companies, professionals and the Public Administration. Using Tabula Cloud, users share electronic invoicing and accounting documents with clients and send electronic invoices directly on-line with a certified provider storing them as required by law.

Tabula Cloud helps both the Public Administration and companies save time in electronic invoicing. It is simple software, but also a secure archive in which all documents, electronic invoices, files and designs can be loaded, managed, stored, and shared with teams.


  • Public administration electronic invoicing: manages the entire procedure in accordance with the laws in force
  • Management, verification and control: monitor the electronic invoicing process in real time and from any device
  • Invoice conversion: convert your invoices from traditional formats (doc, pdf, xls, paper) to the format required by Italian law (“PA invoice”)
  • Integrated directory: a single, fast and intuitive database for managing and organizing all of your contacts
  • Document archiving: store and share all of your company’s and clients’ files
  • Legal storage: keep your electronic invoicing documents secure, storing them for ten years as required by law


  • Just connect to Internet and get to work
  • UNI CEI ISO/IEC ISO27001 certified data centers for maximum data security, availability, confidentiality and integrity
  • No software to be downloaded
  • Easy, real-time monitoring of electronic invoice sending
  • Automatic digital signature
  • Invoices can be sent in any format
  • Complete interaction between electronic invoicing, archiving and directory
  • Public administration electronic invoices sent on a certified channel using the Italian Agenzia delle Entrate’s Sistema di Interscambio (SdI).

Tabula Cloud modules
Integrative and independent solutions for a personalized product

PA invoice
Management of the entire invoicing cycle on a certified channel

Since April 1, 2015, all Italian public administrations accept only electronic invoices. The module controls the entire invoicing cycle with the Public Administration via a certified channel with the Agenzia delle Entrate’s Sistema di Interscambio.

24/7 mail service
Mail is printed, enveloped and delivered 24/7.

The most convenient and economical way to send letters and registered mail from a computer, tablet or smartphone. Write your letter or registered letter directly on line as if it were an e-mail. Select and send the document directly from the Archiving Space. Available 24/7.

Archiving space
Archiving space for managing and sharing files and documents.

The module was designed to be a true Document Manager, allows controlled document versioning and sharing to the outside and offers the possibility of sharing entire folders with other users.

Quick and intuitive directory lets you manage and organize all of your contacts.

Quick and intuitive directory lets you manage and organize all of your contacts, and import CSV and VCF files directly.

Inbox Manager
All e-mails are stored, everywhere and all the time.

Centralized certified e-mail and e-mail management: all e-mails are stored, everywhere and all the time.

Accounting Management
Manage accounting documents directly from the web.

Manage accounting documents directly from the web.

Accredia - L'ente di accreditamento Sistema di gestione per la sicurezza delle informazioni certificato Certified ISO 14001 Conservatore accreditato AgID Associazione Nazionale per Operatori e Responisabili della Conservazione Digitale Coalizione dei conservatori accreditati - ANORC AIFAG ISO 9001