Classification and cataloging of historical and ancient text archives

Historical Archive Digitization

High-resolution optical imaging and indexing of historical archives


E-book digitization and creation

Digital Libraries

High-resolution optical imaging and creation of digital libraries

Photograph Digitization

High-resolution optical imaging and metadata compilation of positives and negatives

Every nation must seek to preserve and share its historical and cultural heritage. However, these two activities often conflict. Every day, by digitizing historical collections, we can guarantee full disclosure and, at the same time, complete preservation of the archive and library assets that history has left us.

Thanks to our extensive experience in the cultural heritage sector, CSA can upgrade both library and archive collections.

And CSA’s extensively prepared cultural division offers services that guarantee proper storage, perfect digital reproduction and full disclosure of the collections processed.


Archive Outsourcing

Reorganization, storage and management of paper-based archives

Document Digitization

Conversion of archived document assets from paper to digital form

Specialized Consulting

Specialized document management support and consulting

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