Statutory Policies

Legally required storage of insurance policies

Support & Software

Provision of biometric signature devices and software

BPO for policies

Insurance policy verification and control

Digital Island

Operating area for document digitization and going paperless activities

In the Insurance sector, information has to be complete and available immediately. Only through proper organization of the document assets can insurance records be managed securely and optimally to guarantee quick answers to clients.

CSA offers document outsourcing services and computer solutions for insurance that guarantee proper, integrated and secure information management and optimize file processing. Thanks to its experience, CSA helps improve operational efficiency through digital solutions and archiving services created especially to optimize insurance file management.


Archive Outsourcing

Reorganization, storage and management of paper-based archives

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Service verifying the accuracy of corporate processes

Document Digitization

Conversion of archived document assets from paper to digital form

Specialized Consulting

Specialized document management support and consulting



Document storage service as required by law


Modular and scalable document management software

Accredia - L'ente di accreditamento Sistema di gestione per la sicurezza delle informazioni certificato Certified ISO 14001 Conservatore accreditato AgID Associazione Nazionale per Operatori e Responisabili della Conservazione Digitale Coalizione dei conservatori accreditati - ANORC AIFAG ISO 9001