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Because of our archive experience
and in ICT technologies, we have been in the industry for over fifteen years.

Our products

Easy Doc

Document management with a click

EasyDoc is an innovative modular platform that simplifies all corporate governance processes, methods and technologies in order to make information simple and immediate. Created in accordance with laws in force, EasyDoc offers a set of features that cover the entire document management cycle.

Easy Doc
  • Certified e-mail acquisition & transmission fax server, e-mail with digital signature and digitization of paper correspondence
  • Document forwarding with/without digital signature to organization structures, configuration of customizable needs-based rules
Easy Pad

Paperless resolutions administrative documents

EasyPad is perfect for organizing, archiving and processing management deliberation and decision making data. Designed according to legal requirements for administrative documents, it allows a process-based approach to activities, automating routine activities.

Easy Pad
  • Legal AgID document management and on-line availability of materials for the entire legally required storage period
  • Publication at the city hall registry pursuant to Italian Law 69/2009

The first integrated platform for electronic invoicing and document management

Tabula Cloud is the ideal solution for managing the entire electronic invoicing process. Its integrated document management system archives, organizes and shares files and documents with no software to be downloaded. Perfect for accountants, organizations, professional associations, companies, professionals and the Public Administration.

TabulaCloud Servizio semplice e innovativo
  • Manages the entire procedure in accordance with the laws in force
  • Monitor the electronic invoicing process in real time
Genio Digitale

Integrative and independent solutions for a personalized product

Genio Digitale is one of the first products in Italy to digitize administrative procedures, allowing new means of communication and interaction between the Public Administration and citizens in providing building permit services. It is designed to be a single point of access to start and handle all requests.

  • Automatic completeness and classification check
  • Productivity monitoring via management dashboards indicating service levels of individual processes and any critical areas

Document storage service as required by law

Authentidoc is a service that stores documentation as required by law. It preserves all types of computer documents, both natively digital ones and copies replacing paper documents. It allows greater information and productivity control and better monitoring of paperwork.

  • Evaluation of KPI (Preliminary Process Indicators) and any criticality
  • Guaranteed document validity for legal purposes and integrity of electronic documents
Accredia - L'ente di accreditamento Sistema di gestione per la sicurezza delle informazioni certificato Certified ISO 14001 Conservatore accreditato AgID Associazione Nazionale per Operatori e Responisabili della Conservazione Digitale Coalizione dei conservatori accreditati - ANORC AIFAG ISO 9001