Inbox Manager

Centralized certified e-mail, e-mail and fax management

Document Management

Document management

Invoices with a click

Management of the invoicing cycle

Accounting Management

Analysis and auditing for accounting management

Proper Invoicing

Invoice storage as required by law

Certified e-mails

Certified e-mail storage as required by law

Digital Island

Operating area for document digitization and going paperless activities

Every company is under constant pressure to be competitive and sustainable, and digital efficiency is undeniably a strategic support for meeting these goals. Documents are a source of information, and managing their sharing and digital processes are a driver for creating new value, just as safeguarding and sharing experience helps your company become “resilient”.

With our flexible and innovative products, CSA can manage your entire document chain, from archiving to digitization, from managing the digital processes for documents and their contents to their dissemination both inside and outside the company, all the way to electronic storage as required by law.

What’s more, CSA can manage not only structured product documents or ones saved by ERP systems, but also unstructured content, like audio files, photos or notes, a dimension that’s growing exponentially.


Archive Outsourcing

Reorganization, storage and management of paper-based archives

Business Intelligence

Information analysis and identification of performance issues

Document Digitization

Conversion of archived document assets from paper to digital form

Specialized Consulting

Specialized document management support and consulting



Document storage service as required by law


Modular and scalable document management software

Tabula Cloud

The ideal solution for managing the entire electronic invoicing process

Accredia - L'ente di accreditamento Sistema di gestione per la sicurezza delle informazioni certificato Certified ISO 14001 Conservatore accreditato AgID Associazione Nazionale per Operatori e Responisabili della Conservazione Digitale Coalizione dei conservatori accreditati - ANORC AIFAG ISO 9001