Smart Document Management

SDM, Smart Document Management, is an indispensable platform for document digitization, storage and management..

Its functions manage both physical and digital archives from end to end, including acceptance (integration with laser readers with archiving unit registration, bar code generation, etc.), archiving retention period management, archive logistics (complete storage mapping), handling, document digitization, material search, etc. SDM offers many advantages in terms of speed and quality; all acceptance and document search operations are much faster because they are centralized on a single system managing the entire work process.

The system also records all operations and shows the real-time status of operations, tracking the physical location of each archive unit (location in warehouse, geographic location at time of acceptance, geographic location at delivery and during shipping). Last, the SDM platform offers controlled user, authorization and group management, allowing only certain users to access various levels.


  • No software to download or complex configuration
  • Full-text word or sentence searches in document content
  • It defines and manages both complex and simple organization structures
  • Information sharing and centralization
  • It can create a reference file classification and mandatory retention period based on needs
  • Controlled user system and creation of one-time passwords
  • Metadata search for documents using one or more search indexes


  • All you need is an Internet connection to get straight to work
  • All operations are tracked and status is available in real time
  • Quick document consultation and sharing
  • Reduce risk of loss
  • Reduce risk of loss
  • Ecological savings

SDM modules
Integrative and independent solutions for a personalized product

Back-end system
SDM process support system.

The Back-end system is SDM’s interface to CSA operators and supports archive acceptance (paper and digital) with cataloging/inventorying, warehouse logistical management with handling requests (search, delivery and replacement of original documents requested for consultation), and document digitization and information security management (log files, user and group management, access right management, etc.).

Front-end system
User support system.

The Front-end system is the SDM interface to users, offering digital document search, consultation and printing, paper document movement requests, and movement request status checks.

Synthetic view of movements, returns and new archive units.

The dashboard is available both Back-end and Front-end to give users a synthetic view of movements, returns and new archive units. The reports can be downloaded in common formats and can be customized according to the user’s needs by defining specific parameters (data, requesting user and/or office, type of movement, request terms, priority, etc.).

Storage according to legal requirements
Documents are stored in digital format protecting their legal value over time.

Paper documents are archived and electronically stored as required by law. The storage system guarantees document authenticity, integrity, reliability, legibility and availability.

Digital signature & time stamp
Digital signatures and time stamps with no hardware to be installed

This module is used to append digital signatures and time stamps with no need to install specific hardware, digital signatures are available anytime and anywhere; time stamps assign a reliable date and time to electronic documents.

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