Archive Outsourcing

Archive Outsourcing

A lack of properly equipped space or archivists and the information systems needed to immediately locate files are major obstacles to the proper running of a company, whether private or public.

With CSA’s archive outsourcing service, you can significantly improve your standards of efficiency and transparency. All of the documentation managed is tracked by our computer system ensuring complete control over the condition of every single archive unit, both in substantive and logistic terms.

The archives stored in our facilities are created and equipped with devices in compliance with the laws in force and archive economy rules, and can be consulted directly on line by authorized users. You can check in real time whether this documentation is available in the repository, the status of requests for documents and their location; if documents are absent, users can see who signed them out and when.

Our Archive Outsourcing activities include:


The collections are collected in the client’s presence, packed and sanitized


Classification and indexing, creation of digital catalogs


“Secure” archiving on protected premises specially equipped for the preservation of paper archives as required by law, and with document handling procedures


Software web based per la fruizione degli archivi e degli elenchi di consistenza digitali


  • Certainty of the information
  • Security, preservation and centralized management
  • Optimized resources and improved efficiency and quality
  • Quick and secure distribution of information
  • Improved use of information and document assets
  • Administrative transparency

Additional solutions to customize your service

Front-office management
Creation and management of a contact point on the client’s premises for real-time delivery of requested documents
Data digitization
Creation of electronic files through document digitization and indexing
Personnel file management
Computerized employee career history
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