Document management with a click

EasyDoc is an innovative modular platform that simplifies all corporate governance processes, methods and technologies in order to make information simple and immediate. Created in accordance with laws in force, EasyDoc offers a set of features that cover the entire document management cycle, guarantee internal-external and internal-internal communication, and the sharing of work processes. It manages both complex and simple organization structures easily and efficiently, and creates new document classes with ad-hoc validation rules based on each company’s specific needs.

Its modular architecture means it can be customized to the extreme, making EasyDoc a product that can be used in any working environment, from individual professionals and small companies to private corporations and the public administration. Installation and configuration are simple; all you need is an Internet connection to get straight to work.


  • Certified e-mail acquisition & transmission, fax server, e-mail with digital signature and digitization of paper correspondence
  • On-site assistance and continuous support
  • Certified e-mail manager, multi-level reference file management, multi-level organization structures, mandatory retention periods, current archives and storage
  • It shares files and documents, manages “single document inbox” for individual structures, version control, document forwarding log
  • Document forwarding with/without digital signature to organization structures, configuration of customizable needs-based rules
  • Remote digital signature, batch manager, legal electronic storage and archiving, mailing
  • Document search by metadata or content, and content indexing for each individual document
  • Administrative transparency


  • Simple and intuitive web interface
  • Help desk available seven days a week
  • Fast and secure information distribution
  • Optimal document flow/file sharing management
  • Cash savings through paperless office
  • Secure and exclusive access
  • Low environmental impact

EasyDoc modules
Integrative and independent solutions for a personalized product

Document management
Catalog, organize and share documents directly from the web.

Catalog, organize and share documents directly from the web. Users can browse files, filter them by tag, modify them, load new versions, block revisions and many other functions, with tracking of every operation. In this way, a multi-level structure can be organized, with creation of a current archive and storage and with the peace of mind of knowing all archiving complies with legal requirements.

Electronic filing
Filing of all documents produced and received in accordance with laws in force.

The applications allows the filing of all documents produced and received in accordance with laws in force. The most common functions can be used an easy and intuitive interface, and a preview of the document to be filed can be displayed on the file mask.

Workflow management
Working group management based on a specific process model.

The workflow management application helps manage working groups according to a specific process model consisting in one or more activities, each of which represents a job to be done in order to meet a shared objective. The application can be customized according to the number of participants and to the preselected approval system (weak or digital signature, etc.).

Public service invoices
Management of the entire accounts receivable and payable cycle

This application can manage the entire accounts receivable and payable cycle in full compliance with the specifications established by Italian Decree 55 of April 3, 2013, and with legally required invoice storage for ten years.

24/7 mail service
Application that sends letters and registered mail from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Convenient and fast application that sends letters and registered mail from a computer, tablet or smartphone. Available 24/7. The Italian postal system prints, envelopes and delivers all letters automatically.

Storage according to legal requirements
Storage of administrative documents ensures all legal requirements are fulfilled.

Our deliberations and resolutions storage service includes the final procedure, signed publication certificate and attachments, thereby guaranteeing the authenticity, integrity, reliability, legibility and availability of stored documents as required by the technical rules of the Italian Prime Ministerial Decree.

Accredia - L'ente di accreditamento Sistema di gestione per la sicurezza delle informazioni certificato Certified ISO 14001 Conservatore accreditato AgID Associazione Nazionale per Operatori e Responisabili della Conservazione Digitale Coalizione dei conservatori accreditati - ANORC AIFAG ISO 9001