Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Information analysis, performance reports, advanced management control, company results forecasts: today’s companies pay close attention to all of these aspects. Investing in Business Intelligence and its management techniques means acquiring new solutions that guarantee a high level of corporate governance and services of exceptional quality.

CSA’s Business Intelligence service provides an overall view of the company’s “health” thanks to the speed with which data can be displayed, controlled costs, as well as time saved interpreting the phenomena of interest.

Using a management dashboard and control panel, you can measure how close your company is to reaching pre-established targets. You can also identify critical elements requiring appropriate corrective action. The data analyzed by the Business Intelligence platform can come from digital information or paper documents already transformed into digital format or from data entry by our operators.


  • Quick data access
  • Immediate knowledge acquisition
  • Time savings in interpreting phenomena of interest
  • Data aggregated according to new information levels
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