Paperless resolutions administrative documents

Created in full compliance with administrative document production laws, EasyPad is a platform that governs the entire lifecycle of deliberations and resolutions procedures from definition of the proposal to legal publication and storage.

With EasyPad, every office can draft a proposed resolution with attachments and send it to the director for approval. Technical and accounting compliance opinions can be attached to the documentation.

Each procedure becomes final after the discussion phase in the commission or meeting, can be published on line at the city hall registry and sent for legal storage along with the certificate of publication and any attachments.


  • Legal AgID document management and on-line availability of materials for the entire legally required storage period
  • Version tracking identifying notes and modifications in order to monitor and manage information flows
  • Advanced document search and consultation via secure connections
  • Creation of an archive of all documents produced
  • Back-ups created on automatic and self-consistent optical media
  • Publication at the city hall registry pursuant to Italian Law 69/2009
  • Digital signatures with Certification Authority, no hardware to be installed
  • Terms and conditions management in accordance with Italian Presidential Decree 352 of 27/06/92, for exercising the access right for the protection of professional secrecy and confidentiality of certain documents and information
  • Time stamps assign a definite date and time to electronic documents


  • Innovative design and features in a click
  • Automatic integration with legal storage services
  • Wizard and contextual Help
  • Increased process efficiency and transparency
  • Automation of routine activities
  • Increased productivity and cooperation between offices
  • Immediately available information
  • Reduced management costs
  • Automatic publication on city hall registry

EasyPad modules
Integrative and independent solutions for a personalized product

Publication on city hall registry
EasyPad uses an on-line city hall registry integrated in the institutional website.

EasyPad lets you use an on-line city hall registry (mandatory since January 1, 2011 pursuant to Law 69/2009), integrated in the institutional website, that displays implementing acts after a 15-day publication period, through the insertion of an in-line frame (iframe).

Storage according to legal requirements
Storage according to legal requirements

Storage of administrative documents ensures all legal requirements are fulfilled. Our deliberations and resolutions storage service includes the final procedure, signed publication certificate and attachments, thereby guaranteeing the authenticity, integrity, reliability, legibility and availability of stored documents as required by the technical rules of the Italian Prime Ministerial Decree.

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